If your team needs more than a keynote speech, the following additional seminars by Nomi are available.

These seminars provide remarkable, insightful, and life-altering experience. They empower participants, impart practical tools for self-development and foster the ability to create total health and success. These programs that Nomi offers are based on the proven Gates of Power®, a method for personal and professional success that cultivates vibrant health, inner power, focus and achievement.

TAILORED EXCLUSIVELY TO YOUR NEEDS! These additional seminars are exclusively tailored to the needs of your organization and the participants.

1. Master the Optimal You

Each one of us is a powerhouse of abilities, talents, visions and passions. With the right help we can actualize our potential, express the best in us and make a big difference in our lives and careers. This seminar teaches how to empower and strengthen all 7 facets of life to create optimal well-being, fulfillment and success.


• Get a clear roadmap to create the highest vision for your life

• Receive a powerful set of tools to be all you can be

• Communication skills will be increased dramatically

• Improve resourceful and creative thinking to solve problems

• Increase ability to focus and follow up on commitments

2. Mastering Success: How to Be, Do and Have What You Want

We all want to be successful at any project we take on and be deeply satisfied with the outcome. This super effective seminar is designed to support your ability to define goals, create realistic timetables, and master your passions.

Nomi’s Formula For Success

1. Shift the inner paradigm

2. Create a vision

3. Set an effective plan

4. Make right choices

5. Get and keep commitments

6. Identify and take the right actions

7. Celebrate your victories

• Learn to recognize and stop self-sabotage and procrastination patterns

• Destroy self-defeating habits and overcome fears and lack of self-esteem

• Gain skills for success (confidence, integrity, self-respect)

• Learn to have constructive and beneficial dialogue with customers/clients

• Create positive work habits

• Learn to apply the formula for success

3. Work-Life Balance: How to Have It All

People struggle with the demands of home and pressures of work and life in general. This seminar gives you super simple ways to be creative and constructive, so that you can fulfill your personal needs as well as your professional goals… at the same time. This practical seminar empowers you to maintain and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.


• Understand the 7 facets of life called Gates

• Learn how to define and prioritize needs and desires in all areas of life

• Outline the positive actions necessary to empower and optimize each one of those areas of life

• Create a comprehensive discipline to keep your mind, body and spirit in balance

• Unleash your built-in ability to achieve your goals

4. Communication Power and the X Factor

Communication is the key to success. How are you doing with your dialogues? It is definitely smart to continuously improve your communication skills. Therefore, this seminar offers effective personal and professional communication principles. These principles are based on Nomi Bachar’s “10 Commandments to Successful Communication.”


• Learn and apply how to be clear, precise, expressive, and assertive in your communications

• Learn to listen, take in, evaluate, as well as respond and mirror others

• Master the ability to avoid re-activeness, blaming, and attacking

• Improve skills of negotiations and tolerance of differences

X Factor

Learn the 4 Magic “I’s” and the 4 Magic “E’s” that are the most important keys to effective communication.


• You will become a top communicator

5. The Art of Eliminating Stress

Nomi Bachar has proven that the key to reducing stress begins with actively identifying and confronting the source. She teaches a unique process that helps you understand sources of stress and then eliminate it.


• Learn self-coaching formulas for inner strengthening

• Learn relaxation techniques which include meditation and breathing

• Practice specific physical and emotional exercises that reduce stress

6. Women’s Leadership: Who Says Women Can’t Lead?

At times, women find it challenging to assert themselves and balance their responsibilities in all areas of life. Modern women are passionate about doing it all and they should be able to. This workshop empowers you to do so.


Learn as a leading woman how to,
• Identify your unique leadership power, own and accentuate it
• Become comfortable with your leadership style and ability

• Find your personal voice and expression and make a difference

• Build a strong personal practice for wellness and balance

• Become a master communicator


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