A survey done after a two day workshop with the staff of Turning Point Brooklyn showed that 80% of those who experienced the gates of power level 1 workshop would recommend the training to others, 80% of people also noted that the information was immediately applicable to their daily lives, and 90% of the attendants felt as thoguh they had mastered aspects of the level 1 workshop.

Turning Point Brooklyn an organization that helps the residents of Brooklyn who are in need to improve their everyday lives.

“In life, there are those who walk the walk and others who talk the talk. Nomi Bachar not only does both with exquisite grace, her words change the way you feel about yourself and how you look at the world. Give her one hour and your life would be changed for good.”

Lawrence Zarian, TV personality & Celebrated author

“Nomi is extremely talented as a presenter. She illuminates every subject matter that she presents with her knowledge, communication skills and keen perception. She speaks from the heart, clearly and effectively, supporting each person to deeply understand themselves and move towards their optimal growth.”

Hope Gotlib, Senior Sales Specialist

“Ms. Nomi Bachar is a passionate, effective and inspiring leader who is committed to supporting people to realize the highest within them.”

Bharati Devi, Director of Programming, Ananda Center

“Nomi Bachar transforms those who are open to understanding how to connect to the deeper layers of ourselves, by exploring what we are truly capable of.”

Darcy Melnik, Director of Energy Movement Center

“The humanity and understanding that Nomi exhibits, allows people to examine their lives in a new light, to learn about themselves… develop and change…a rare ability indeed.”

Peter Herdrich, Co-founder of Antiquities Coalition

“Nomi asks the right questions, has amazing insights, and most importantly, perseveres to help you achieve your goals.”

Susan Chitwood, Director of Maypop Design

“Nomi brings out honesty in people which in turn helps to create strong relationships, effectiveness and focus in life.”

Lenora Eve, Singer & Actress

“Ms. Nomi Bachar is an effective, supportive, and compassionate leader. I can confidently recommend her.”

Amethyst Nemzoff, Director of Moonfire Meeting House

“Nomi helps to create a path from the knowledge of the brain to the experience of the heart, which is a key to personal power.”

Jessica Zane, Producer of Special Events

“I do all the things I’ve been wanting to do for years and was afraid of trying.”

Michael Kramer, Professional Entertainer

“I find Nomi’s programs to be energizing and life changing.”

Dr. Helene Kane, Academic Achievement Coach


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