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All of Nomi's presentations and keynotes are based around her original, unique method and curriculum called Gates of Power®. 

Though each one her keynotes is dedicated to a specific theme, Gates of Power® serves as the foundation for all of her presentations.

The Gates of Power® method and program guides you to release limitations (like stress, fear, self doubts, frustrations, or lack of focus) and leverage your potential (like skills, talents, abilities, or desires).
It instructs you in the ways to achieve leadership mindset, fulfillment & success in all seven areas of your life. The method is a practical, effective, & life changing system that empowers and motivates you to reach your optimal self and achieve your life goals.

"In life, there are those who walk the walk and others who talk to the talk. Nomi Bachar not only does both with exquisite grace, her method, Gates of Power® changes the way you feel about yourself and how you look at the world. Give her one hour and your life would be changed for good".

—  Lawrence ZarianTV Personality & Celebrated Author
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