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Master Passion, Purpose and Performance 

Frustration, Burn-Out and Ineffectiveness
Leadership starts within.

A powerful leader has:

  •  A clear vision

  •  Great communication skills 

  •  Commitment to positive impact

  •  Ability to implement actions and reach objectives.

I Help You Master Self, Life and Work

True leaders must lead their self and their life with the same excellence they lead their teams. Leadership Mindset is your key to success. I reveal the most important inner shift. The shift takes you from an Ineffective inner leadership to a mastery of self, life and projects.


My 4 Golden Keys and Gates of Power® Program unlock Inner Leadership Potential -the power to reach goals and achieve ultimate fulfilling success. It empowers you to Impact, Influence and make a difference in life and at work. 

The 4 Golden Keys are:

  1. Know Your Inner Map

    • Get familiar with your natural abilities, skills and talents as well as your insecurities, blind spots and ineffective behavior. Knowing yourself gives you the ability to progress.

  2. Attain Internal Leadership

    • Attain the ability to be the leader of your internal self as well as your life, and the projects that matter to you.

  3. Actualize Successfully All 7 Areas of Your Life

    • Work is one of the 7 Areas of Life

  4. Commit to Your Purpose and Attain Your Goals

    • Master the ability to focus clearly on your purpose and your goals. Exercise the formula of choices, commitments and actions to move consistently towards actualizing your vision.


This keynote helps you tap into your unique, personal leadership power - the leader within you.



  •  Express your unique Leadership Style

  • Eliminate fears and frustrations

  •  Coach yourself for success as a Leader

  •  Communicate and connect authentically

  •  Leverage your talents and skills

  •  Get a sharp focus regarding your Leadership goals and make them a reality



Each one of us is a powerhouse of abilities, talents, visions and passions. In spite of your tremendous potential, you get stuck. Fears, insecurities, and frustrations stop you from
being all you can be.


With the right system and coaching you can actualize potential, express the best in you and make a big difference in your life and your career. This keynote reveals Nomi’s system of empowering and strengthening all 7 Facets of Life. She reveals her 4 Golden Keys to a healthy and successful life. With her guidance you can create optimal well-being, fulfillment, and success.



You discover how to:

  •  Express your unique greatness

  •  Dissolve fears and frustrations

  •  Coach yourself for success

  •  Communicate and connect authentically

  •  Leverage your talents and skills

  •  Get clear about your vision and make it a reality

How would your life look if you could be ALL that you are? Step into your big sized life now.

Join the ones who found the highway to optimized life -
Gates of Power® Method. Gates of Power® transformed many from “going nowhere soon” to blazing a path of creative success. With Nomi’s expertise as a speaker and a master coach, hundreds catapult themselves from ordinary to extraordinary.

A fulfilling life is a successful life. Be a superstar in your life. Confident. Expressed. Accomplished.


Your Work & Life in Balance

Uncover the secrets to being creative, constructive and able to successfully balance your personal needs and your professional goals at the same time. We all struggle with the demands of home and the pressures of work. A struggle that can be a source of endless frustration, disappointment, and compromised productivity. On the one hand, We may feel that we are not doing justice to our home life, kids, and partner. On the other hand, we are feeling behind in our work. Both areas suffer and we end up feeling overwhelmed.


In this keynote I cover my four guiding principles to creating the optimal work life balance. You will get the formula to maintain and enjoy a healthy way of living.  A life where personal needs and work demands complement each other instead of clashing.


How would your life look if you could be ALL that you are? Step into a balanced life now. A fulfilling life is a successful life. Be a superstar in your life. Confident. Expressed. Accomplished.



You discover how to:

  • Understand the 7 facets of life called Gates

  • Define and prioritize needs and goals in each of these areas of life

  • Outline the positive actions to optimize each one of those areas

  • Create a practical discipline to keep your mind, body, and spirit in balance.

  • Unleash your built-in ability to achieve your goals.

Create fulfilling success at home and at work.


communicating successfully 

We have to continuously improve our communication skills. This keynote offers effective personal and professional communication principles based on Nomi Bachar’s “10 Commandments of Successful Communication system”.

Communication is the key to success. How are you doing with your dialogues? So many times, we mean well and we have much to contribute, but we don’t have the skills to communicate our intentions. It is very frustrating to not be able to express clearly, listen attentively, and respond appropriately.

Being unable to communicate clearly, respectfully and authentically create conflict. Needless to say unresolved conflict is not healthy for one-self or the work place. To work Together, effectively and constructively we must harness communication skills and train ourself rigorously to apply them.

This keynote offers effective personal and professional communication tools. 

Nomi Bachar shares her “10 Commandments of Successful Communication system”.


  • Master the ability to resolve conflicts positively 

  • Cultivate mindful communication

  • Become clear, precise, expressive, and assertive in your communications

  • Learn to listen, take in, evaluate, and respond

  • Increase the ability to avoid reactiveness, blaming, and attacking

  • Sharpen negotiation skills and tolerance of differences



It is well known that our modern lives are laced with all kinds of “stressers” political, social, economic, environmental, and the list goes on. All of that is in tandem with the stress of our personal lives.

Nomi has proven that the key to reducing stress begins with actively identifying and confronting the source of the stress. She takes you through a unique process to uncover sources of stress and gives you a practical plan eliminate it.



  • Learn self-coaching formulas for
    inner peace

  • Learn relaxation techniques which include meditation, breathing and centering

  • Practice specific physical and emotional exercises that reduce stress

“Ms. Nomi Bachar is a passionate, effective, and inspiring leader who is committed to supporting people to realize the highest within them.”     

                                                              Bharati Devi, Director of Programming, Ananda Center

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